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Stylized Text: Energy Efficient Schools: PERC.

Picture of NASEO Logo.Performance Enhanced Relocatable Classrooms (PERCs) are improved modular built classrooms constructed in a factory and delivered to school sites. They are not only designed to use less energy than the typical modular classrooms built today, but have improved indoor air quality and enhanced levels of natural lighting, which has been shown to increase test scores and enhance attendance levels for school children.

This project is sponsored by National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO) and the Department of Energy (DOE). The first PERC was located at Willow Avenue Middle School in Cornwall, New York, in September 2002, and is known as the NY PERC. Two more PERCs were located in Florida and North Carolina. Click the links to access these classrooms to view energy performance, photographs and construction details.

Check out the full report, "Preliminary Evaluation of Performance Enhanced Relocatable Classrooms in Three Climates".

Picture of NY PERC.New York PERC, Cornwall, NY

The NY PERC built by Design Space Modular, in McCrae, Georgia are (2) end-to-end 24’-0” x 36’-0” classrooms sharing a common wall, corridor and bathroom, totaling 1,724 sq. feet. During testing, each classroom was occupied.

Picture of FL PERC.Florida PERC, Orlando, FL

The FL PERC is located at Shingle Creek Elementary School in Orlando, FL where the entire campus is composed of relocatable classrooms. According to previous research conducted by FSEC, it is estimated that Florida has about 25,000 relocatable classrooms.

Picture of NC PERC.North Carolina PERC, Chapel Hill, NC

The NC PERC is located at Chapel Hill High School. There are 20 schools in the district and a total population of over 10,600 students. The school district currently has 42 relocatable classrooms and 8 were added for the school year 2003-2004.