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Energy Smart Schools: Founded by the U. S. Department of Energy with several goals in mind:

  • Reducing energy consumption and costs, and increasing use of clean energy technologies in K-12 schools nationwide;
  • Helping schools reinvest their savings from energy improvements;
  • Improving the learning environment of schools through day lighting, better temperature control, better air quality and other elements related to buildings and bus fleets; and
  • Increasing student, teacher, and community awareness of energy and related issues including financial management, air quality, climate change,and new technologies.

K-12 Education Section: Renewable energy and energy efficiency teaching and learning resources for school teachers. This link will send you to the Education section of this Web site.

Energy Ed Online: Sponsored by the Wisconsin Energy Center with the purpose of educating about energy use in schools.

EPA indoor air quality: Concerned with educating about indoor air quality in schools.

Green Schools: This program aids educational facilities in using energy efficiently through building retrofits, changes in operational and maintenance routines, and changes in the behavior of building users.

Bright Schools Program: California Energy Commission program that helps to identify cost-effective energy efficient systems and provides design and implementation assistance to California schools.

Designing Failure-Proof Buildings: Provides information on designing the failure proof building. Also, gives help on different techniques of solving problems.

Florida Department of Education: Helps Students, Parents, and Educators with FCAT problems and other interesting factual information.

Florida School Boards: School Board Addresses and links to their homepages.

Florida Educational Facilities Planners Association: Information on FEFPA involved in construction of educational facilities in Florida schools.