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Picture of two students racing Junior Solar Sprint Cars.FSEC dedicates substantial effort to the development of educational resources for the teachers of our children. We do this out of the simple belief that clean and efficient energy resources are key to our future generations' ability to achieve a safe and sustainable environment.

In order educate teachers and students about renewable energy technologies, the Florida Solar Energy Center has developed several environment and energy curricula for use by teachers. The curricula units list and adhere to Florida's Sunshine State Education Standards. Also, the education department offers a number of educational tours that give students that ability to interact with staff researchers and see cutting edge science research. Finally, a number of science related education events are held each year. These events encourage students to use their knowledge and creativity to solve energy problems. Investigate the following sections to find out more about FSEC's K-12 educational offerings.

Picture of a teacher and student.Curricula
FSEC has produced a number of curriculum units that focus on a wide variety of topics including conservation, alternative energy technologies, and understanding of the natural systems around us. Explore this section to view our curriculum units.
Picture of students at the starting line of the Junior Solar Sprint at the EnergyWhiz Olympics.EnergyWhiz
Call it intellectual capitalism or just plain competition. FSEC hosts a number of events from the Junior Solar Sprint to the Space Coast Science Education Alliance Science Bowl for Middle School Students [Links to another web site.] in order to encourage the exploration of science and innovation of young minds.
Picture of a student working with a fuel cell.Resources
Cutting edge research is not often cheap. In order to get the word out and allow teachers and students access to renewable energy technologies, FSEC makes a variety of lab equipment available for loan.