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Making a difference, today.

Although many people think that our research is targeted only at solutions for tomorrow, much of what we do creates technologies for today. This section explores some of the alternative energy technologies ready for use right now.

Picture of the Lakeland RES house.
Directory In The Know
Disaster Preparedness
Hurricanes and other natural disasters are a fact of life. When the power goes out, don't be left in the dark.
Find an Energy Rater icon.Find a Florida Energy Rater
Need to find a certified building energy rater or blower door tester? The hunt is over.
Energy-Saving Buildings
Almost half of Florida's energy use goes into buildings. See what kinds of solutions are available to reduce the amount of energy your home or business uses.
Picture of house icon with pencil, paper, checkmark.Home Energy Ratings
You probably know the mpg for your car; do you know how much energy your home is consuming?
The energy carrier that is generating a lot of buzz. This section presents consumer information about this upcoming technology.
Picture of the FlaSEIA logo.FlaSEIA
Find solar energy manufacturers, distributors, contractors, retailers and consultants in Florida here.
Solar Electricity
The sun gives us free deliveries of energy every day. Installing solar panels on your home can greatly reduce your electricity bill and help make your home sustainable.
Picture of a briefcase with money. Federal Incentives for Energy
Tax credits, loan programs, and other federal incentives are available now.
Solar Hot Water
You can save money by using the sun to heat the water you use in your home or your swimming pool or spa.
Picture of a stack money.Florida Energy Incentives
The Florida Office of Energy is accepting applications for the Renewable Energy Tax Incentive.
Read about some energy-saving technologies and techniques that can save you money at the pump.
Picture of the Gossamer Wind ceiling fan.Unique Energy-Saving Fan
The Gossamer Wind is saving customers $40 million annually in energy costs.
Illustration of finger adjusting thermostat and a CFL bulb.12 Simple Steps to Energy Efficiency
Discover how easy it is to save energy with these 12 steps.
HERS Index logoRESNET HERS Index
Discover how your home's energy efficiency measures up and what the score means.
Picture of a house.Buying A Home?
If you're thinking about buying a home, read this energy efficiency brochure.
Picture of the Florida Green Building Coalitionlogo.Florida Green Building Coalition
FGBC is non-profit corporation dedicated to improving the built environment.
Picture of calculator with hand adnk.Solar Hot Water Calculator
Find out the energy, cost and environmental savings potential of Fla. solar hot water systems.
Colorized picture of the Eastern United States. Florida's Solar Resource
How good is the solar resource in Florida?  Click here for the  information you need.