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Stylized Text: For Commercial Buildings - Water Heating.

Solar flat plate collectors Recreation facilities.
This two flat-plate collector system was installed on a city recreation center in North Florida. It includes tennis courts, exercise rooms, and a kitchen facility. The system produces hot water for the shower and kitchen.
Solar and classical music Agricultural and husbandry.
Although pigs love their mud, hot water is required for the cleaning of the indoor stalls at this hog farm. This cost-effective system provides sufficient hot water year round. Along with hot water, the pigs are provided with piped-in classical music.
Solar in agricultural facility Agricultural and husbandry.
The solar water heating system at this farm in the Netherlands provides hot water that is used for various husbandry applications. These include cleaning of the stalls and hot water used in animal slaughter and processing.
Solar in hospital Hospitals and medical clinics.
Another type of facility in which a large amount of hot water is used is a hospital or medical clinic. The solar collectors mounted on the roof of this hospital provide a large percentage of the hot water required. The rest is provided by back-up sources such as electricity or gas.
Commercial solar application Correction Facilities.
Prisons require a large amount of hot water for food processing, cleaning, sanitation, and shower facilities. The solar collectors used on this facility are concentrating parabolic type collectors. They produce very hot water. Click here for another example of a correction facility solar system.
Office solar Office buildings.
A solar water heating system using conventional flat-plate solar collectors was installed on this office building in Washington, D.C. The system provides hot water for lavatories, lunchrooms, and ancillary hot-water-demand devices. The collectors are securely installed on a rack mount system.
Solar for laundries Laundries and dry cleaners.
Commercial laundries, ranging from small coin-operated to large applications, require tremendous amounts of hot water. The more hot water a system has to produce, the more cost-effective it becomes. Large systems must be properly designed and installed.
Solar in hospitality industry Hotels and motels.
These facilities require year-round availability of hot water for guest rooms, housekeeping, laundry facilities, and adjoining restaurants. Solar water heating systems are ideal appliances for hotels and motels as the load demand usually complements the peak operation of the solar system.
Solar on apartment complexes Apartments and condominiums.
Solar water heating systems such as these integral collector storage systems can be quite cost-effective on apartment and other rental units. Systems can be plumbed to individual units or into a central system that supplies hot water for the whole complex.