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Stylized Text: For Commercial Buildings.

Picture of a solar hot water panel on the PV RES house in Lakeland, Florida.Solar water and pool heating systems are often used for commercial and industrial applications. These systems can range in size from conventional-sized systems that heat water for offices to systems designed for large industrial applications.

This site provides a representation of the variety of applications for commercial solar systems. Included are systems that provide hot water, heat and cool swimming pools, and provide space heating in colder climates. Information on commercial systems is provided for the following technologies:

Picture of a commercial hot water system at a prison.Water Heating
Whether you have a home office or providing hot water for laundry and sanitation services, solar hot water can help save money and energy. Take a look at some of these large-scale water heating installations.
Picture of a community pool with a solar hot water system.Pool Heating
Whether it's a community pool at a public park or a pool at a residential complex, solar hot water can make swimming a joy for your visitors.
Picture of a solar energy system at University High School.Space Heating
Solar energy can be used to heat indoor spaces, including offices, and commercial buildings. This page will show a few examples of how the sun's energy is heating the air in offices and commercial buildings the world over.