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Solar energy can also be used to heat indoor spaces, including offices and commercial buildings. This can be accomplished in two main ways. First, solar collectors can be used to heat ambient temperature air which is then circulated into the building. Second, solar collectors are often used to heat water which is then transferred to a space heating boiler or directly plumbed through radiators throughout the house.

Listed below are several examples of solar energy being used to heat indoor spaces.

Transpired wall collector This solar space heating system uses a transpired wall collector (dark wall in photograph) in which tiny holes allow exterior air to enter where it is trapped between it and the conventional exterior wall, heated and then exhausted into the building.
Solar heated facility A similar transpired wall system is used to heat the indoor working space of a massive warehouse and shipping facility. These systems are easily installed and require little to no maintenance.
Community space heating The use of solar energy systems is quite common in Europe. Here, a large solar system provides space and hot water heating for community development apartment complexes. Note that each building has its own dedicated solar system.
Residential space heating Space heating systems can also be used in residential applications as shown by this air-heating collector retrofitted to a house. Of course, the collector should be mounted on the south-facing side of the house.