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Using solar energy to heat swimming pools is the most common application of solar energy systems in Florida. A variety of solar pool collectors and systems are available for condominiums, apartments, tourist resorts, and community pool facilities. The economics of using solar for heating pools is very favorable.

Listed below are a few illustrated examples of large swimming pool heating systems. For more detailed information on solar pool heating collectors and systems, see this site's "For Pools" section.

Picture of a community pool with a solar hot water system. This swimming pool heating system was installed on a large community pool. Existing space around the pool is used for the installation of the pool panels (see center background).
Picture of the solar hot water collector on the roof of the Atlanta Olympics pool. The solar system installed at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics pool not only heats the pool water but when recirculated during the evening, cools the pool water to maintain the exact required water temperature.
Picture of a uniquely mounted solar hot water system on a pool in North Florida. A swimming pool heating system installed in North Florida incorporates the standard black plastic collectors. Very often, innovative mounting has to be incorporated due to the layout of the facility roof structures.