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Books and Other Resources

Dr. Art's Guide to Planet Earth, classroom set:
A classroom set (30) of the book Dr. Art's Guide to Planet Earth by Art Sussman PhD. This excellent book for middle school students investigates the different systems on our planet. Chapters include Matter Cycles, Energy Flows, Life Webs, Think Globally, and Act Locally. Each chapter includes an internet link with further activities that can be used to further reinforce the learning. Typical lending time 4 months.

Junior Solar Sprint Competition Kit:
Junior Solar Sprint kits which include the regulation panel and motor are available for $25 (include $3 per shipment if UPS or postal delivery is required).

Planet Janitor Coloring Books:
Planet Janitor, a coloring book which teaches an environmentally friendly message in English and Spanish, may be downloaded free at our website Printed copies may be purchased for $2.00 each (include $3 per shipment for postage). Planet Janitor coloring books may be reproduced for use in the classroom.

Printed Copies:
Printed copies of our various educational units are also available for those who do not wish to download and print their own copies. The price for each unit is $36 plus $3 postage per shipment.

Solar Oven:
Oven is capable of reaching a temperature of 300°F on a cloudless day and is large enough to hold a pan of brownies. Typical lending time 2 to 3 days.