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Stylized Text: Patents.

Picture of FSEC researcher N. Mohajeri.Intellectual property such as patents offer an opportunity for research entities such as FSEC to create and support commercial development of new technologies. Also, through the use and enforcement of patents, a minimum level of quality can be established for developing technologies. This minimum level of quality is enforced by only allowing licensed entities to use technologies that have been researched, proven and tested in the laboratory.

Patents can also be considered a form of intellectual equity for an organization. A large pool of patents can establish an organization’s legacy and serve as a timeline of development for an organization’s efforts in a specific field. As new patents are added, the organization continues to reaffirm its commitment to that field.

The following links are to patents issued to employees (past and present) of the Florida Solar Energy Center. To make the list easier to look through, the patents have been divided into the following categories.