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Stylized Text: Front Porch Solar - System Inspections.

All systems installed under the Front Porch Sunshine program are Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) certified systems. FSEC certifies that all systems meet specific standards that relate to system design as well as consumer safety.

The FSEC standards also include very specific installation requirements that can only be determined once the system has been installed.

In order to better assist interested parties who may want to verify that the systems have been properly installed, inspection checklists are being provided for the various types of solar systems that will be installed under the Front Porch Sunshine program. These checklists are quite simple to follow and provide a thorough method of ensuring that a system has been properly installed.

The checklists are listed by system type. Within each system type, the checklists are broken down into:

  • The collector area inspection which includes the collector, collector mounting, roof penetration and sealing, exterior piping and insulation, valves, and attic piping.

  • The storage tank inspection which includes the retrofitted conventional water heater, insulation jacket, heating elements, valves, and pipe insulation.

  • The balance of system components which includes insulation, check valves, isolation valves, 3-way diverter valves, pumps, system owner manual, etc.

The breakdown in each checklist is organized in such a manner as to make the inspection as streamlined, simple and expeditious as possible.

The following ICS system inspection checklist is provided in PDF format.