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Stylized Text: Front Porch Solar.

Governor Bush has a ground breaking initiative known as Front Porch Florida, which is a community revitalization program bringing all segments of a particular neighborhood together to improve the quality of life. He determined that these communities would benefit by providing weatherization clients with solar water heaters, in addition to previously installed energy efficiency improvements.

Florida familyFEO has contracted with the Florida Solar Energy Research & Education Foundation (FlaSEREF) and the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) to implement this program in the 20 designated Front Porch Communities. Front Porch Sunshine, the solar industry's contribution to this initiative, will allow for the installation of 150 solar water heaters throughout the state. The solar systems will be installed on residences within the front porch communities. The systems will provide water heating cost savings.

Solar systemIn discussing a previous Florida solar water heating program (SWAP) Brenda Mobley, a Program Manager for the Mid Florida Community Services Agency, believes that ". . . a solar water system doesn't just help with the energy bill, it also relieves other financial stress."

Brenda goes on to state, "For a program that reduces your energy and doesn't cost you a penny, the solar heater is the way to go. This program has proven itself to many low-income clients in Hernando and Sumter Counties. Several clients have made a point of telling me personally that the solar water heaters have cut their electric bill in half and have advised anyone to take advantage of this worthwhile program. The SWAP program has been very worthwhile in meeting Mid Florida’s primary mission of reducing the energy costs of low-income clients."