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Stylized Text: Data Monitoring - For Solar Hot Water.

Picture of the solar hot water testing lab.The ability to obtain data from remote field sites is instrumental in the research, development, evaluation, and performance assessment of a variety of technologies, including solar.

FSEC has extensive experience in conducting field monitoring. In addition, FSEC possesses a variety of equipment used for monitoring. This includes data acquisition systems, field communication equipment, flow meters, watt-hour meters, solar radiation meters, thermocouples, and ancillary materials required for the implementation of field monitoring projects.

Field data can be automatically downloaded to the FSEC mainframe computer. This data is then analyzed by specially developed computer programs. This analysis not only flags all data that is outside a predefined range, but also organizes the data in a format amenable for daily review and report writing. In many cases, the information can then be posted on FSEC's web site for review by project participants or authorized interested parties. A positive feature of the data flag program is that it enables FSEC staff to immediately correct any problems occurring with the monitoring equipment or device being evaluated.

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