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Reference Publication: Harrison, J., Long, S., "Solar Weatherization Assistance Program", FSEC-CR-1028-98, Prepared for: Earl Billings, Florida Department of Community Affairs, Tallahassee, Fl., 25 August 1998.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the authors and are not intended to represent the views and opinions of the Florida Solar Energy Center.

Solar Weatherization Assistance Program

John Harrison and Steven Long
Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC)


Executive summary of the SWAP program: This document was included in the SWAP final report as an overview/executive summary of the project. Ideal for those wanting a brief overview of the program.

Section 1 Program Description: Describes program implementation, system requirements, system sizing, installation requirements, contractor qualifications, training programs, local weatherization program implementation, and site selection criteria.

Section 2 Overview of Installed Systems: Describes the various solar systems installed in North, Central, and South Florida.

Section 3 SWAP Program Evaluation and Section 4 Hard Monitoring: Section 3 provides a review of the site selection criteria used for hard (instrumented) and soft (utility bill analysis, surveys) monitoring. An overview of the collected data is also included. Section 4 provides information on the hard monitoring equipment used, data collection methods, data reduction and analysis and, of course, the final results.

Section 5 Soft Monitoring: This section describes the utility bill analysis conducted as part of this overall project.

Section 6 Inspections: Described in this section are the results of the system inspections conducted immediately after many of the systems were installed.

Sections 7, 8, and 9: Section 7 describes the implementation and results of surveys conducted with the system owners. Section 8 provides overall conclusions and recommendations for future SWAP type programs. Topics covered are monitoring results, system type selection, system inspections, water quality, permits and building department issues, participating weatherization agencies, surveys, client selection and interaction, education and training, and post installation recommendations. Section 9 is a listing of various references used in the implementation of this program.