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BPM Unit: Resources, Equipment and Materials

This page is provided as a complete listing of all resources, equipment and materials used in Lessons 1-9 in the BPM unit.


  • EnergyGauge USA Student Edition software (order from Florida Solar Energy Center at least 3 weeks prior to starting unit)


  • Computer(s) with Windows 98 Second Edition or later
  • Microsoft Powerpoint (for viewing and teaching segments of the unit)
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (
  • Large monitor or projection equipment to allow entire class to see computer screen
  • Lab stands (4 total)
  • Clamps and clamp holders (as needed to hold metal plate(s), thermometers and lamp)
  • Heat lamp with clamp on fixture (1 total)
  • Thermometers or electronic temperature sensors with displays (2 total)
  • Small box or circular fan (1 total)


  • Metal plates (approximately 12" by 12", painted gray or black) (1 minimum)
  • Metal plate same as above with one side painted white (optional) (1 total)
  • Bubble wrap (minimum 2x 12" by 12" pieces) and (optional) other insulation materials
  • Aluminum foil (minimum 2x 12" by 12" pieces)
  • [Optional for Lesson 2 Box Demonstration: cardboard box, doll, heat lamp, spray bottle with water, ice and small fan]
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