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Lesson 1: Feedback - "Stranded!"

An example shelter is illustrated below. Here the pallets are used as walls and the plywood sheet is used as the roof. Rope is used to hold the structure together against the wind and aluminum foil is stapled to the bottom of the roof to reduce heat gain through the roof.

There is, of course, more than one way to make good use of the resources and material choices you had. However, there are some solutions that will work a lot better than others.

Drawing of a shelter made with pallets

Use the listing and point scale below to help see how your team did:

If you did the following, add or subtract:

Used rope to hold the shelter together +3 points
Did not have some kind of roof (way too much sun!) -5 points
Used plywood as the roof (with or without tarp) +3 points
Used the tarp as a roof alone (hard to keep it attached to the shelter in the wind and hard to attach aluminum foil or bubble wrap to it) +1 point
Used aluminum foil on the bottom of the plywood roof (aluminum foil does not re-radiate heat from the hot roof well, keeping the inside of the shelter cooler) +4 points
Used bubble wrap on the bottom of the roof instead of aluminum foil (bubble wrap provides insulation) +4 points
Used bubble wrap or aluminum foil under roof but did not staple it to the roof (may blow away) -2 point
Used bubble wrap around the walls to insulate the walls
(reduces air flow so shelter heats up- heat stroke possible!)
-5 points
Selected the video game as one of your resources (you will be a little less bored until the batteries die but you will not have had another more useful option). +0 points


If teams find creative solutions that aren’t included above, you as a class can determine how much credit to give based on the logic provided above. Were there any surprises? During the BPM unit we will be learning about heat transfer and more about why some of the options were more effective in allowing your shelter to be a comfortable space than others.

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