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Stylized Text: System Installation - Pump and Valves.

This site presents an overview of the installation of the solar system pump and assorted plumbing valves in the water heater subsystem area.

Solar system pump A solar system installation includes a variety of components. A critical component is the system pump (also called a circulator) whose function is to circulate the system fluid from the tank to the collectors. The fluids then gains heat in the solar collector and returns to the water heater - where it is stored.
Solar system valves A variety of other components are also installed in the vicinity of the pump. These include the check valve (in this case, a motorized check valve), drain valves, and isolation valves. The check valve prevents hot water in the tank from recirculating through the collectors at night through thermosiphon action. Drain and isolation valves are used in the event the collector needs to be drained and isolated.
Drain valves The drain valves shown here are easily identified as common hose bibs. Note that the installation can use color coded valves to identify the collector feed line and the collector return line.
Isolation valves The most common isolation valve used is the ball valve. These are more effective than standard gate valves. They also make it easy to determine if the valves are open or closed.
Anti-scald valve Optional valves can include anti-scald valves (shown at left). This valve is used to regulate the temperature of the hot water going into the house. Turning toward blue direction reduces outlet temperature, while toward red, increases it.
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