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Stylized Text: System Installation - Collector Feed Line Piping.

This section describes the procedure used for installing the collector return line piping. The return line piping includes various valves that are required as part of the system design.

Soldering pipe fittings The installer is soldering fittings that will accommodate the system air vent. The air vent is incorporated in the system design to expel any air that may have gotten into the system. This prevents any air locks that could restrict flow in the system. The air vent is always installed at the high point of the system and in a true north vertical position.
Soldering pipe fittings The installer solders more fittings to the return piping - here at a location close to the roof penetration. These fittings will be used to accommodate a freeze prevention and pressure relief valve.
Valves installed at collector area The air vent, freeze prevention valve and pressure relief valve have been installed. Note that the air vent was installed in a vertical position. The freeze valve was installed so that it not only protects the collector from freezing, but also protects the piping between the collector and the valve. The next step is for the installer to paint the piping insulation to protect it from environmental degradation.
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