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Stylized Text: System Installation - Piping From Tank to Collector.

This page shows how the piping is routed from the tank area to the roof. In the summer, this is usually the toughest part of the installation. Not because of the actual plumbing work itself, but instead, because of the extreme temperatures in the attic.

Installing piping While crew members are working on the roof installing the solar collector, other crew members are installing the piping that will connect the water heater to the solar collector.
Using soft copper Soft copper is commonly used in the attic run between the tank area components and the collector lines exits at the roof. By using a continuous run of soft copper through the attic, the installer does not have to solder any fittings in the attic. Soft copper goes from the tank area through the roof penetration.
Attic piping run The installer feeds the copper piping through the attic. Pipe hangers are used in locations where the long piping runs require that the piping be secured.
Piping insulation in attic In order to prevent heat losses in the attic piping, insulation is installed on all attic piping.
Attic piping and insulation The copper piping penetrates the sheathing perpendicular to the plane of the roof.
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