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Stylized Text: System Installation - Final Checkout.

As shown in the previous installation sequences, the installation of a solar system is quite straightforward. Although a solar installer is required to have a variety of skills much of what he or she does is unique to the solar installation trade. Therefore, it is always best to use a licensed and qualified solar installer.

Once the system has been installed there are several other activities that need to be conducted.

Final instructions to homeowner The homeowners should be provided with a simple walk-through and overview of how the system works, maintenance requirements, and what to do during extended absences or vacations.
Owner's system operation manual

The installer should also provide the system owner with a system operation and maintenance manual. The manual should include information on:
   •Basic system operation
  •Basic installation procedure
  •Start-up and shut down
  •Vacation procedures
  •Routine maintenance
  •System diagram
  •System parts list
  •Contact name and address

Freeze information label A label explaining the freeze protection method of the solar system should also be affixed to the water heater, or some other prominent and easily accessible location. This label shall also include the procedure required for manual draindown freeze protection.
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