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Stylized Text: ZEH: Lakeland, Florida.

Picture of men working on a roof.Progress Report: October 1997

Walls Up - Roof Up!

The project being termed The Model "Million Roofs" Home

Progress has proceeded rapidly on the construction of the PVRES home and its "control" during the last eight weeks. The slab has been poured, the concrete block walls built and insulated and the roof trusses and interior framing completed. Plumbing and the electrical system have been installed. An interior duct system has been designed and installed in the PVRES building— likely one of the first of this innovative type of system to be produced.

Picture of men working on roof.Next month, the two roofs will be completed and windows and doors installed. The solar water heating system with propane back-up will be installed in the PVRES homes. We also plan to install our data acquisition system around the end of the month. The PV system is being ordered currently.

There is a good possibility that the City of Lakeland may become a player in President Clinton's "Million Roofs" initiative. For now, the project is being called The Model "Million Roof" Home. Check out the "Million Roofs" site for details on the scope, goals and key features of the President's plan.