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Program Description

The SunSmart Schools Program Logo.As part of the SunSmart Schools Program, elementary, middle, or senior high schools, vocational schools or colleges, and universities were competitively selected to receive a 1 or 2 kilowatt (kW) demonstration system or a 10kW emergency shelter PV system. Under this program, any Florida-based public school or shelter-school was eligible to be selected.

Schools not previously selected under this program may be able to apply for the newly funded SunSmart E-Shelter program, which will provide a 10kW or larger PV system. However, the school must also be a designated EHPA shelter.


All funds for this program has been allocated; please check this page for notices of additional funding. There are a few projects in the final stages of development and we are working to obtain additional funding. If you're interested in what schools were funded as part of this program, see the following list:


Susan Schleith
Program Manager
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PH: (321) 638-1017
FX: (321) 638-1010