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Stylized Text: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does my institution become a solar trainer and part of the solar training network?

    The objective of the Southeast Solar Training Network is to enhance solar training institutions in the nine partner region of the southern US and territories. During Phase I of the program the training network provided the capacity to train educational instructors in photovoltaics (PV) and solar water heating (SWH) from institutions designated by the Energy Offices in the nine partner states and territories. The trained instructors then conducted training in PV and SWH at their educational institutions. The photovoltaic training activity will be continued during Phase II of the program with selected states.

    If you represent an institution that would like to become a training partner then you should contact your state energy office and express your desire to the energy office.  The Energy Offices and the contacts are:

    Alabama - Energy Division - Contact: Liz Cochran

    Arkansas - Energy Office - Contact: J.D. Lowery

    Florida - Office of Energy - Contact: John Leeds

    - Southface - Contact:  Christina Parkhurst

    - Div. of Renewable Energy - Contact: Kate Shanks

    - Development Authority - Contact: Terrence Spears

    - Energy Programs - Contact: Scott Slusher

    Puerto Rico
    - Energy Affairs Administration - Contact: Luis Osorio

    U. S. Virgin Islands
    - Energy Office

  2. How can I as an individual get solar training?

    • Training of individuals is not part of the Southwest Solar Training Network at the present time.  The training offered is train-the-trainer for faculty or instructors affiliated with public educational institutions.  In later years as the network becomes established, the local institution will offer training for individuals at the local educational institutional level. 

      Solar training to non-program participating individuals can be found at the following FSEC education site.

  3. How will I find solar training institutions in the Southeast?

    • The training institutions are listed at the following Partner site.

  4. How will I find national training institutions?

  5. Where can I get training for energy efficiency, green technologies and wind?

    • At this time, this program does not cover any train the trainer training in these technologies.  The training covered by this program in Phase I was for photovoltaics and solar water heating. Phase II will be solely for photovoltaics.

    • Nevertheless, for students seeking this type of training, see the IREC Clean Energy Training Directory and select the appropriate technology.