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Stylized Text: Better Windows.

Picture of Fenestration Logo. In approaching the problem of selecting the right window and shade options for your residence, we have several information sources for you to choose from, described below.

We have been teaching about windows and daylighting for a number of years.  This link contains the slide shows used in several of these presentations. Included are slide shows on daylighting, justifications for energy efficient and renewable energy systems (including windows), and on selecting windows for your home.

Picture of Girl Raising Hand.Q & A Residential Window Replacement
The choices of windows and shades on the market today are many and varied. It can be very difficult to know what window or shade to purchase, and to find adequate information about their performances. Here is advice to homeowners planning to replace one or more windows in their home.
Picture of Window Film.About Window Films
Window films are generally a retrofit option, intended to fix a problem with excessive solar heat gain and/or solar glare from an existing window while window coatings are generally applied in a glass factory, usually in a large vacuum chamber.
Picture of Skylights.Skylights
Skylights can provide copious illumination in areas too remote from windows in walls to receive adequate daylight. Avoiding the problems while taking advantage of the the benefits is what we want from good skylight design, selection, and management.
Picture for Residential Guidelines.Residential Window Selection Guidelines
We have prepared some information to guide the homeowner through the process of selecting the best window options for the openings in his or her home. The emphasis here is on new construction, selecting the right windows for the new home, but the principles are also applicable to the retrofit market.
Picture of Shading.Window Orientation and Shading
In sunny southern locations, protecting your windows from the sun is an important component of good window management. First, know how the sun moves through the sky and to orient the building and place the windows in it to minimize direct solar admission through your windows.
Picture of Economics.Window Economics
Energy saving technology offers many environmental, human health, national security, and comfort benefits. Protecting the future for a viable human culture while improving comfort and security are additional benefits to which nearly everyone subscribes.