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Financing Energy Efficiency: An EEM Handbook


Chapter 44


Energy-efficient properties

An energy-efficient property uses cost-effective design, construction, materials, equipment and site orientation to conserve energy, consistent with the climate of the area in which the property is located. Items that contribute to the energy efficiency of a property include, but are not limited to, the following: 
  1. Insulation with adequate R-values installed in ceilings, exterior walls and roofs; around hot water heaters; under floors that cover unheated areas; and surrounding ducts and pipes that are not air-conditioned 
  2. Caulking and weather stripping 
  3. Double- or triple-paned windows 
  4. Window shading or landscaping for solar control 
  5. Storm doors and windows 
  6. Automatic setback thermostats 
  7. Heating, cooling and lighting systems and appliances designed to be energy-efficient 
  8. Solar systems for water heating, space heating and cooling 
  9. Wood-fired heating systems (using outside combustion air) 
  10. Building designs that minimize energy use, such as reduced window areas and earth sheltering 
The appraisal report must list the energy-efficient items in the subject property and note their contribution to the value for the Mortgage to receive the special underwriting consideration allowed under Section 37.7. (See Section 44.7(a) for addendum requirements.) 


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