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Florida Solar Standards

Picture of PV test.In accordance with Florida Law (§377.705, F.S.) [35KB, Adobe Acrobat PDF], the Florida Solar Energy Center is charged to “develop and promulgate standards for solar energy systems manufactured or sold in the state based on the best currently available information....” and "establish criteria for testing performance of solar energy systems....”

The standards developed by FSEC are incorporated by reference in rules (Rules 6C7-8.006 through 6C7-8.010) that are published in the Florida Administrative Code. The rules may be viewed at the Florida Administrative Code Web site or in this 6C7-8 rule document [123kb, Adobe Acrobat PDF]. The following is a list of certification and testing standards maintained by the Florida Solar Energy Center:

  • Operation of the Solar Thermal Collector Certification Program
    FSEC Standard 101-15
    (Adobe Acrobat PDF)
  • Test Methods & Minimum Stds. for Certifying Solar Thermal Collectors
    FSEC Standard 102-10 (Adobe Acrobat PDF)
  • Operation of the Solar Thermal Systems Certification Program
    FSEC Standard 103-10 (Adobe Acrobat PDF)
  • Florida System Stds. for Design & Installation of Solar Thermal Systems
    FSEC Standard 104-10 (Adobe Acrobat PDF)
  • Solar Thermal System and Components Test Protocol
    FSEC Standard 105-10 (Adobe Acrobat PDF)
  • Operation of Photovoltaic Module Performance Certification Program
    FSEC Standard 201-10 (Adobe Acrobat PDF)
  • Operation of Photovoltaic Equipment Certification Program
    FSEC Standard 202-10 (Adobe Acrobat PDF)
  • Photovoltaic System Design Review and Approval Procedures
    FSEC Standard 203-10 (Adobe Acrobat PDF)