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Site 486

System type: Pumped - differential control
Installed: 1995
Inspected: 2003

No operational problems.

Client stated that when it was cloudy and raining, she did not have much hot water or, the water was not hot enough. She has called the WAP agency but they informed her that the program was over and that there was nothing they could do for her.

I checked the water heater circuit breaker and sure enough, it was off. Since this elderly lady was alone, I also did a little maintenance on the exterior insulation and did a complete check-up on the system. All is working fine. Controller, pump, sensors, etc. Repaired severely deteriorating insulation. (Noticed that insects had built nests within controller enclosure box. Cleaned out. Somewhat common in some utility rooms.) Will probably need a new air vent and freeze valve within 2-5 years.