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Site 464

System type: Pumped – differential controller
Installed: 1996
Inspected: 2003

The system appears to be working. The client complained about very low water pressure at the sinks, bath, etc. I tested and this was so. Checked the valves at the tank area and noted that the cold service gate valve appeared to have a minor leak. Someone had previously wrapped the body of the valve in duct tape. I lifted the tank’s pressure-temperature relief valve and noted that indeed, there was hardly any pressure.

The client stated that several months ago she had the solar system installer come back out and check this problem. It appears that nothing was done and she was going to call them back again. I advised here to get a local plumber which would be cheaper than having the solar installer come from Tampa. I suspect that there is a problem in her water supply line.

Tested controller with manufacturer tester. All fine. Sensor readings were reasonable. The exterior insulation had degraded and copper piping was exposed. Sensor wiring was exposed and had become quite brittle. The freeze valve was filled with mud from mud daubers. Valve body appeared worn and will eventually fail. The air vent still had its protective cap – which is something that was not evident in many other systems using air vents.

The solar collector looked fine. No leaks.