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Site 850
System type: ICS system
Installed: 1997
Inspected: 2004
System no longer working.
Original clients are no longer at this house. Current occupant knew nothing about the system.
Inspection revealed that the glass had been removed from the collector and laid back on the frame without the secure glazing cap frame wall. A safety hazard since the glazing could have blown off during periods of high winds. FSEC staff purchased some screws and secured the glazing to the frame wall glazing cap. Before doing this it was noted that one of the tubes must have developed a pinhole leak and that the former client must have tried sealing the hole with some type of sealant material. Undoubtedly this failed and the collector was then isolated at the conventional tank location. The client cut the piping going to the collector and adjusted the isolation valves.
The wood mounting used in securing the collector to the roof is deteriorating. The installer must have used standard wood instead of exterior pressure treated wood. In any event, wood should not be used for collector mounting purposes. The ICS unit is now sitting directly upon the roof.
The exterior insulation appears to be in relatively good condition. Note the short plumbing run on the roof. Nails were used to hold the roof pipe penetration flashing. This is not a standard industry method and the nails also appear to be rusting.