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Site 653
System type: ICS system
Installed: 1997
Inspected: 2004
The system is working although one discrepancy is critical.
This was a very poorly installed system. The wood collector mounting bracket supports on the roof has deteriorated and allowed the collector to start sliding down the roof. The unit was not mounted properly. The collector is now at an angle to the roof line because one end has slipped. The collector feed and return plumbing lines hold the other end. The collector is now lying almost directly upon the roof. It is anticipated that during weather conditions of high winds and rain, the collector could slide further down the roof. The result could be that the piping can no longer hold the collector and finally give way and that the unit would fall off the roof. The current situation creates a safety hazard. Steps have been initiated to current this problem as soon as possible since the collector is directly above a side door.
The ICS unit also exhibited a large amount of internal condensation as well as severe mould and detritus build up on the external glazing. It is suspected that a large tree may have abutted the house and was cut down some time in the past. This could have created shade thus resulting in the mold buildup on the glazing. Also note the water marks on ceiling from possible leaks from roof flashing.