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Site 26

System type: Pumped - timer control
Installed: 1996
Inspected: 2003

System not working.

Lack of timer and check valve problem.

Timer has been removed and system pump is plugged directly into the receptacle. Pump is on continuously.

Check valve (in return line) is blocked and therefore, flow is stopped at check valve. Temperature measurements. Feed: 91.5, Return below check valve: 90 F. Return above check valve 199+ F. Opened return line drain valve and steam (and water) came out. (VOM temperature measurement limit is 199 F. Temperature is easily over that.)

New occupant. 2 years ago. House was in total disarray from tenants that moved in after original system owner. Told them how to fix system - with new timer and check valve, system should be fine. Relative is a plumber.

Bottom feed/return line valve unit should be insulated.

No problem with collector and roof components.

Air vent exhibits sediment build up around port.

Exposed piping at flashing locations.