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Site 125

System type: Pumped - differential controller
Installed: 1996
Inspected: 2003

System not working as originally designed.

Controller does not come on even when turned to manual on. When controller is plugged in and on auto, power and freeze indicator lights are on. Failed controller tester check. Pump is hard wired to the controller.

Client modified pump wiring so he could plug the pump into a timer that is currently used to power the pump. Client understands system operation and could tell that there was a control problem. Client states that he manually activates the system.

Circa 1980s solar tank is still functional. (Client had another solar system before the SWAP system. Old system's collector was destroyed during Hurricane Andrew.)

Roof inspection revealed that there was a leak in collector. Tube/header location in the AET AE-32E collector.

Air vent was leaking.

Instructed the client on what he needs to do to correct above deficiencies. Client very interested in renewables.