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Site 823
Installed: Jun 96
Inspected: Mar 03

System is not working.

System was isolated. Collector sensor was disconnected. Major leak at pump area. Now calcified. Evidence of pipe leak above the tank. Plug for electric water heater indicates some type of flash burn.

Plugged pump into 110V receptacle. Did not come on. Major problems with this system. Poor elderly client has no hot water. Told her to call local WAP agency. Needs electrical fixed.

Leaks at copper piping bend.
Water stain at ceiling at pipe penetrations.
Residue of major leak at pump.
Electric outlet for water heater has been fried.
Water heater appears to be in bad condition. Someone has taken plates off water heater – top and bottom. Client states that her nephew was looking into water heater/electrical problem but never came back.
Anti scald valve stuck.

Insulation starting to degrade.
Gaps in insulation in pipe runs exposing copper piping.
Screws used to mount struts to collector are rusting.
Long pipe runs lying on roof allow leaves to accumulate.
Flashing entry for sensor wiring is open and will allow rain to pass down through opening.
Section of sensor wiring is not secured.
Metal foil tape securing insulation is losing adhesion.