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Site 811

System type: Pumped - differential control
Installed: 1996
Inspected: 2003

System is working.

Tested controller with controller tester. Differential and High Limit tests passed.
Client stated that they did not get enough hot water. I readjusted the lower element to mid range. Was set on lowest.
A/S valve stuck on 4.
Bottom feed – top return. Cold inlet plumbed into return line.
Exterior insulation deteriorating.
Collector feed line on roof is not insulated.
Sensor line flashing entry point is exposed to elements. Can allow
water into sensor wire flashing opening.
Air vent port is closed - calcified.
Sensor wiring loose and not UV protected.
Freeze valve outlet port is against roof shingle.
Pine tree leaves accumulation at top of collector. Less than ½” space under collector.
Collector enclosure screws are rusting.