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Site 807

System type: Pumped - differential control
Installed: 1996
Inspected: 2003

System is working. Client shows an interest in system.
Controller tester indicated that high limit and differential worked fine.
Client had leaks at tank area fittings. Solar company came out several years ago and “did something." Leaks continued. Called solar company again. Did not come out. Leaked stopped. (Appears that leak stopped because of calcification at joints.)
Controller is dangling from one screw. Installer used screw without sinker to mount in drywall. Controller has minor insect residue inside body.
Piping is not well insulated at tank. Splits, etc.
Sensor wiring (tank and collector) is hanging loose. Not secured.
Anti-scald valve is stuck at 3.
Cold feed line is plumbed into collector return line.
Minor leak at collector feed fitting at collector. Evidence of water accumulation from drips below this area.
Exterior insulation is degrading.
Air vent clogged – port has calcification. No vent cap.
Sensor wiring (tank and collector) is hanging loose. Not secured.
Piping coming off the roof and down side of building is not secured with clamps.