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Site 805

System type: Pumped - differential control
Installed: 1996
Inspected: 2003
System working fine.

Controller tester indicated differential and high limit were working.
Water heater is in kitchen. Neat and clean installation.
Anti scald valve is stuck
Components and insulation in good condition.
Pipe clamps used to secure long pipe run on roof and on exterior wall of house.
Exterior roof insulation is degrading, leaving visible copper piping.
Insulation coating on side of house runs is in relatively good shape.
Comparing side of house insulation (protected from sun) and roof insulation shows the effect of UV on components.
Section of roof piping is not insulated – insulation could have degraded completely and fallen away.
Air vent port is just about clogged due to calcification.
Collector mounting screws are rusting.
Metal part on freeze valve is starting to rust.
Gaps between copper piping and insulation in vertical pipe sections at roof provide opening for water penetration.