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Site 802

System type: Pumped - differential control
Installed: 1996
Inspected: 2003

System is working.
Controller tester indicates differential and high Limit work.
A/S valve stuck at 4.
Cold in is plumbed into collector return line.
Rust at tank top fittings.
Sloppy ceiling penetrations for collector feed/return piping.
Escutcheons could have been used.
Evidence of leak at collector feed line drain bib (calcification).
Unsecured excess sensor wiring at tank.
Sloppy exterior pipe flashing.
Exterior pipe run is not secured.
Exterior insulation is degrading. Piping exposed due to deteriorating insulation.
Excess sensor wiring is not properly secured. Exterior of wiring is deteriorating.
Air vent exhaust port is sealed with calcification.
Pressure relief valve exhaust shows indication of water calcification from past operation.
Sensor wire flashing is not turned down to prevent water from entering flashing.