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Site 800

System type: Pumped - differential control
Installed: 1996
Inspected: 2003
Status: System running continuously.

Controller was set on “On” setting. Continuously running pump.
Set to “Auto” and pump went off.

Control tester indicated that all functions were operating properly. Sensor readings were reasonable.

Cold feed plumbed into collector return line.
Water stains in utility room ceiling where collector loop piping penetrates ceiling. Result of water entry via roof flashing? (Roof flashing and sealing appears intact.)
Controller attached to wall over utility room door. Hard to access.
Tank area piping sporadically insulated.
Collector feed line from bottom of tank (and that includes pump, etc.) is not well secured.

Exterior insulation is degrading. Some portions are covered with foil material. Those appear to be intact.
Sections of copper piping are not insulated.
Collector mounting strut attachment screws rusting.
Freeze valve exhaust nozzle is touching the roof.
Metal parts of freeze valve are starting to rust.
Sloppy roof pipe flashing.
Sensor wiring has cracks in some areas.
Air vent exhaust port is sealed due to calcification.
Exterior sensor lead/sensor wiring connectors directly exposed to environment.
Electrical tape used to secure insulation. Has degraded and lost adhesion.