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Stylized Text: Hydrogen - System Analyses.

Picture of PV arrays at Sunshine Transit Agency, Thousand Palms, CA.
PV arrays at Sunshine Transit Agency,
Thousand Palms, CA. (Photo: L. Eudy)
Systems analysis of a complete hydrogen system or its components is necessary to identify the important variables affecting the technology. Over the years, FSEC has conducted several major hydrogen system analyses for both DOE and NASA. Examples include:
  • Analysis of Hydrogen Production Technologies
  • Analysis of Hydrogen Storage Technologies
  • Analysis of Hydrogen Utilization Technologies
  • Transition to Hydrogen Energy
  • Local Hydrogen Production
  • Analysis of Area II Hydrogen Production

Important tools for systems analysis are simulation and modeling programs. FSEC uses the following programs:

  • Combined heat and mass transfer (FSEC 3.0 - developed in house)
  • Computational fluid dynamics (FLUENT)
  • Flow sheet analysis and plant design using Chemical Process Simulation platforms (ASPENPLUS and HYSYS)
  • Chemical equilibrium analysis (FACATSAGE)