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Innovative Wall Insulation System

Picture of Wall Insulation.In conventional residential construction in Florida, walls are insulated with R-3 to R-5 insulation on the interior of masonry walls. This is precisely what is being installed in our standard home, a layer of foil (ALFOL Reflective Insulation) suspended between interior furring strips claimed to provide an equivalent insulation value of R-4.2. Contrary to this practice, however, the concrete block walls of the PVRES home have been insulated on the exterior. The Celotex Corporation has assisted the project by providing 1 1/4" Tuff-R Cisocyanurate insulation. Dick Edwards has worked with the job foreman, Gary Morrison, to resolve issues associated with the unusual application. An exterior application is being used to encapsulate the building in R-10 insulation so that the masonry portion of the building can be pre-cooled during the daytime hours when solar availability is high and the PV system output is at its maximum. The thermal capacitance of the building will then help to reduce air conditioning needs during the late afternoon and early evening hours.