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Stylized Text: Windows Demonstration Project - Photos.

Image Catalog for Base House
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Picture of address.
Picture of bath south.
Bath - South
Picture of bedroom 1 north window.
Bedroom 1 -
North Window
Picture of bedroom 2 north window.
Bedroom 2 -
North Window
Picture of bedroom 3 north window.
Bedroom 3 -
North Window
Picture of Family Room East Windows.
Family Room -
East Windows
Picture of Dining West Window.
Dining -
West Window
Picture of Dining West Window 2.
Dining -
West Window 2
Picture of Foyer West Window.
Foyer -
West Window
Picture of Garage AHU
Garage - AHU
Picture of Kitchen North.
Kitchen - North
Picture of Garage Datalogger.
Garage -
Data Logger
Picture of Garage Datalogger 2.
Garage -
Data Logger 2
Picture of Garage Water Heater.
Garage -
Water Heater
Picture of Garage Water Heater 2.
Garage -
Water Heater 2
Picture of Kitchen West.
Kitchen - West
Picture of Laundry West.
Laundry -
Picture of Living Room West Window.
Living Room -
West Window
Picture of Masterbath South Window.
Master Bath -
South Window
Picture of Master Bed East Window.
Master Bed -
East Window


Picture of Neighborhood.
Picture of Outside East
Outside - East
Picture of Outside Front West 1.
Outside - Front West 1
Picture of Outside Front West 2.
Outside - Front West 2
Picture of Outside Front West 3.
Outside - Front West 3
Picture of Outside Garage.
Outside - Garage
Picture of Outside North
Outside - North
Picture of Outside roof.
Outside - Roof
Picture of Outside South.
Outside - South
Picture of Outside Southeast.
Outside - SouthEast
Picture of Outside weather station 1.
Outside -
Weather Station 1
Picture of Outside Weather Station 2.
Outside - Weather Station 2