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Application for Systems Certification

Systems Certification

To apply for Systems Certification first read:

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FSEC Standard 103-10 Operation of the Solar Thermal Certification Program

Notice: To qualify for FSEC systems certification you must first choose an approved laboratory, have your collector randomly selected, and complete the required tests according to the methods described in FSEC Standard 102-10. Include FSEC collector certification number on application.

A separate application form is required for each solar water heating system.

Each new application must include:

1. Completed application form listing the make and model number of the collector, tank, pump, and controller. Alternate components may be listed if their substitution would not materially change the system performance.

2. System diagram, on 8 ½ x 11 " page, showing all components in their intended arrangement.
See a Sample Diagram Review checklist for diagram development

3. Completed System Plumbing Sheet for all items used on the system. Include working fluid and/or flow rate recommendations or restrictions. If a heat transfer fluid other than water is to be used, thermal conductivity and toxicity shall be provided.

4. Manual describing system operation and maintenance for the owner. More than one system may be described in a manual. Complete the manual checklist, include page numbers of each required item.

5. Product warranty.

Required Information for Components used in Solar Thermal Systems


If your systems contains a heat exchanger either in a tank or external, you must provide test data which demonstrates the effectiveness of the heat exchanger. This information is required for TRNSYS modeling.

The protocol for this requirement can be found in FSEC standard 105-10, which is located under "Solar Thermal Systems / Certification Standards"

Below are some examples to help understand the requirement:

Explanation of data requirement for heat exchangers

Example of a test plan for an immersed heat exchanger

Example of the data set that is required for a heat exchanger test


Modified Similar System Application:

Existing participants may apply for a modified system using this similar system application form, if the intended new system will be exactly like one of the participants existing FSEC systems, with the exception of: collector, number of collectors, or tank model/size.

Participant will be required to update manual with new model numbers and relevant information. Please send revised manual and statement detailing all changes made, including page number.

Please see the fee schedule (below) for the price of system certification modification.

Complete and submit this form: Similar Systems Application


Fees for Testing and Certification

Standard fees for testing and solar collector certification by the Florida Solar Energy Center will be shown in the following schedule.

For FSEC to conduct other tests, evaluations or administrative actions in a combination not covered by the fee schedule, a fee will be established consistent with the fees listed above.

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