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The following are is a list of possible training programs:

  1. Florida Solar Energy Center Web site at: This site gives the dates and times of the short courses that are offered at the Florida Solar Energy Center in Cocoa, FL.

  2. Brevard Community College offers Solar Water Heating and Photovoltaics training courses at its campuses in Brevard County, FL

    For information on dates and times call or contact:
    Patty Boatman
    321-433-7514 tel
    321-433-7525 fax

  3. Tallahassee Community College offers Solar Water Heating and Photovoltaics training at its Tallahassee campus. For times and locations click on:

  4. Broward College offers designing and installing of PV Systems at its
    Ft. Lauderdale campus. For times, locations, course information, registration and payment, please go to

    You may contact Sue Mattson at or 954-201-2459 if you are seeking additional information.

  5. Florida Solar Energy Center’s Building Science Experts Offer Green Building Courses:

    The Florida Solar Energy Center is offering a series of five courses on "Designing and Maintaining the High Performance Green Building" for architects, engineers, mechanical contractors, building inspectors, facility managers and indoor air quality specialists.

    This series of courses will demonstrate:
    • How to design and maintain a green building that has good indoor air quality
    • How to make a building durable, comfortable and energy efficient
    • How to protect buildings from mold
    • What types of air-conditioning systems will cause mold problems
    • What advanced dehumidification technologies are available for use in buildings.

    The courses will focus on problems in commercial buildings, although the principles discussed will be applicable to all buildings. The FSEC buildings researchers will discuss such areas as ventilation requirements, humidity control, building envelope design, pressure imbalances, HVAC systems, window selection, vapor barriers and related issues.

    Students who attend all five courses in the series and pass the exam in Courses one, two and three will earn an FSEC Green Commercial Building Design and Maintenance Certificate.

    The courses are:
    Course 1: “Designing Building Envelopes to Control Air and Moisture in High Performance Green Buildings

    Course 2: “Designing and Maintaining Building Air Flows in High Performance Green Buildings”

    Course 3: “Designing and Maintaining HVAC Systems for High Performance Green Buildings”

    Course 4: “Design Charrette — Practice Design of a High Performance Green Building”

    Course 5: “Commercial Energy Code and Green Building Modeling Using EnergyGauge Summit”

    The cost of each course is $269. For more information about the courses or to register, visit:

    Please note that the Florida Solar Energy Center does not offer a certificate or a degree. For either of these you would have to attend a degree program at a Community College or university.