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The Employ Florida Banner Centers are developed to enhance Florida’s economic development efforts by providing training for workers (entry, advanced and skills upgrades) in high value industries caused by changes in markets or technologies. The Banner Center concept requires a collaborative effort between recognized experts in the selected industry, the educational providers, representatives from the industry and/or industry associations, the local business development council and the regional workforce board.

  • Florida is home to more than 200 solar energy businesses in Florida that install, manufacture, or distributes solar energy products.
  • The solar industry creates high quality domestic jobs.  The greatest growth will occur in new manufacturing, construction, and engineering jobs, and in the roofing, electrical and plumbing trades.
  • The Employ Florida Banner Center for Alternative Energy was launched in 2008 to serve as a statewide, industry-driven resource for solar energy workforce education and training to ensure the competitiveness of Florida’s solar energy businesses.
  • Floridians who have participated in the Banner Center for Alternative Energy training courses have earned college or continuing education credit and industry certifications including Certified Solar Contractor and certification by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners.
  • To date, the Banner Center for Alternative Energy has partnered with more than 20 educational partners in Florida to offer cutting edge industry training throughout the state.
  • The Center has also partnered with four Florida business and trade associations to develop customized training curricula including courses on solar water heating, solar pool heating and solar electricity (photovoltaics).
  • Solar product manufacturers, both national and international, now consider Florida to be one of, if not the most, attractive solar markets in the US due to Florida’s solar policies and industry stability.
  • The Banner Center for Alternative Energy is one of 10 Banner Centers located throughout the state focused on developing training for targeted, industries based on statewide partnerships and industry feedback.