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Stylized Text: H2Hydrogen research has a long history at the Florida Solar Energy Center, transforming FSEC into Florida’s leader and one of the nation's premier research and development organizations. In 1997, FSEC was designated a Center of Excellence in Hydrogen Research and Education by the U. S. Department of Energy.

If you are interested in the fundamentals of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies go to Hydrogen Basics in the Consumer section.

Over the years, the development of applications and industries that use FSEC’s research results has been a primary goal. There have been many instances where the research work and active involvement of staff has led to the development of new national technology standards and manufacturing opportunities. Another important aspect of FSEC’s industry development work has been the active creation of intellectual property through patents. Center staff members have received more than 40 patents, more than any other unit at the University of Central Florida.


Notable hydrogen activities at FSEC have included:

  • Development of local hydrogen production processes for the Kennedy Space Center.
  • Development of cost-effective, highly efficient methods of hydrogen storage for on-board vehicular applications.
  • Development of a new solar thermochemical process for production of hydrogen.
  • Development of a state-of-the-art Dewar for cryogenic storage of liquid hydrogen.
  • Development of a patented (USPTO) process for CO2-free production of hydrogen from hydrocarbons and renewable resources (landfill gas and municipal solid waste).
  • Development of a patented (USPTO) technique for portable hydrogen generation for fuel cell applications.
  • Development of a patented (USPTO) and novel closed cycle photocatalytic process for conversion of hydrogen sulfide.
  • Development of a patented (USPTO) process for electrolysis of water using a special sulfonated solid polymer electrolyte material.
  • Development of highly efficient ceramic membranes for separation and purification of hydrogen from mixed industrial process gas streams.
  • Development of a patented and extremely clean-burning hydrogen-enriched natural gas fuel mixture called HYTEST.
  • Development of a proton exchange membrane with peroxide stability for PEM fuel cell electrolytes.
  • Development of component and system analyses.

Photo of two researchers working on lab equipment.Information/Resources
Information about the research projects, their researchers and resources can be found here.

Picture of a photocatalytic hydrogen production aparatus.Production
Hydrogen can be produced from a number of sources and technologies. This section explores the various methods for production being developed at FSEC.

Picture of a calculator.Storage
Storing hydrogen in sufficient volumes to be useful while keeping it safe is a challenge. Our researchers are working on various ways to store this energy carrier to power tomorrow's devices and needs.

Picture of a liquified hydrogen tank.Cryogenics
An important and exciting part of hydrogen research is cryogenic storage. Cryogenics has been used to store large quantities of hydrogen in a relatively small volume by lowering the temperature to the point of liquefaction and maintaining the low storage temperature. This sections explores the cryogenics work being conducted at FSEC.

Picture of a calculator.Fuel Cells/Utilization
Hydrogen holds the promise of solving our transportation fuel needs for the future. This section explore some of the research into how we can use hydrogen in vehicles and produce power from fuel cells.

Picture of a calculator.Safety and Detection
Making hydrogen safe and easy to use is a priority if wide-spread adoption of hydrogen is to become a reality. FSEC has developed a variety of sensors such as smart paint to help with these issues. View this section to examine some of our solutions.