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The Florida Solar Energy Center's (FSEC) building science program was founded to research and develop building improvement strategies that reduce energy use, enhance the economy, and improve the environment; and to educate the public, students, industry and practitioners on results of our work.

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The following list outlines the research projects being conducted by the Buildings Research Department. Explore each of the projects listed to see what areas we're investigating.

Photo of researcher with data collector.FSEC Buildings Research Papers and Reports
FSEC provides unbiased, third party research findings to the construction industry with an emphasis on the hot humid climate including simulation studies, monitored field experiments, and laboratory research.
The BAIHP Logo.Building America Partnership for Improved Residential Construction
The partnership seeks to perform cost shared research to achieve 30% to 50% energy savings in new and existing housing by making specific improvements in risk reduction, cost reduction, design, construction and remodeling processes.
Picture of Jeff Sonne installing air ducts.Zero Energy Homes
These special homes are designed to use zero net energy from the utility grid. The concept is simple — couple the maximum possible building energy efficiency with the best available renewable energy resources in a way that maximizes the effectiveness of both.
Picture of FSEC's window wall.Fenestration
Our windows and daylighting program has generated a wealth of information about windows and other fenestration systems as well as how they work.
Picture of a portable classroom powered by PV.Energy Efficient Schools
This program performs a number of studies examining various technologies' potential to reduce energy use, cost, and improve the learning environment. Our task has been to objectively test and evaluate these technologies and present our results without bias.
Picture of a woodframe house under construction.Green Standards
Green standards go beyond just energy efficiency and attempt to rate a building effort with regard to the total environmental stewardship of a project.
Picture of Gossamer Wind Ceiling Fan.Gossamer Wind Series Ceiling Fans
Developed at the Florida Solar Energy Center, the Gossamer Wind® series ceiling fans can provide significant energy savings. Compared to conventional ceiling fans, they consume approximately half the energy in operation, saving an estimated $20 per year in electricity costs.