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A Research Institute of the University of Central Florida Issue No. 12: August 2007

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Florida Energy Commission Meets at FSEC
Photo of Philip Fairey addressing the commission in the FSEC auditorium.
Philip Fairey, FSEC's deputy director, addressed the Florida Energy Commission on May 11 regarding the importance of building energy-efficient homes. The commission will make recommendations by 12/31/07 to help the Florida Legislature choose best practices and options for Florida's energy future.
View his presentation.
 Photo: Courtesy of The Florida Channel
Sheinkopf Retires
Headshot of Kenneth Sheinkopf
Ken Sheinkopf, Director of Public Affairs and editor of this publication, retired on June 29. Ken had worked for FSEC for 24 years and started at UCF in1972 when its name was still Florida Technological University.

EnergyGauge Commercial Rater Training
August 7
Energy-Efficient Florida Home Building
August 8
Florida Green Home Designation Certification Course
August 9
From Blueprints to Residential Energy Code
September 10
EnergyGauge Pro Hands-On Training – USA
September 11
EnergyGauge Pro Hands-On Training – Florida
September 11
EnergyGauge Class 3
September 12
EnergyGauge Class 2
September 13 - 14
EnergyGauge Class 1
September 17 - 20
ASES National Solar Tour

October 5
SunDay Challenge
October 6 - 8




Florida Could Be Bold and Take Leadership in Transportation

Dr. James Fenton
Dr. James Fenton

Florida has positioned itself for leadership by taking steps to improve the state’s energy policies as well as energy use and efficiency with Governor Crist’s recent Climate Change Summit and Executive Orders. I was pleased to participate in panels at the Summit, discussing solar energy and energy efficiency.  Also attending the Summit were Philip Fairey, FSEC Deputy Director and Bob Reedy, Director of the Solar Energy Division. The excitement and enthusiasm for what the Governor was doing ran throughout the meeting.

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Governor Crist Moves Florida Toward Emissions Reduction

On Friday July 13, 2007, Governor Charlie Crist signed three executive orders that will move Florida to a national leadership position in renewable energy, energy efficiency and carbon emission reduction.

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Building America Program Honors Two Florida Builders

Photo of manufactured house with side panel cut out.

Mr. Steve Chalk gets a first hand look at an attic radiant barrier with Building America project director Subrato Chandra.

When two Gainesville homebuilders were honored by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) in April for their commitment to building energy-efficient homes, it was also public recognition of FSEC, since the Center has led the Building America team that works with these builders since 1999.

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New Hydrogen Research Contract Develops Process for Screening Storage Materials

FSEC researchers have been working on hydrogen storage compounds for a number of years, looking at their properties such as capacity, temperature at which hydrogen will be released and so forth.  Since there are a large number of possible material combinations that can store hydrogen, it is important to be able to screen and test these materials quickly.  Thanks to the support of the Navy, which is very interested in the use of hydrogen, the project will develop a new device for testing as many as 100 potential hydrogen storage materials or more in just a few minutes. 

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Solar Energy! Hydrogen Energy! Kid Energy!

Photo of manufactured house with side panel cut out.

Middle school students
work on their hydrogen powered model car before the big race.

The EnergyWhiz Olympics at Florida Solar Energy Center/University of Central Florida is focused on ENERGY! When the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) opened its doors on the morning of May 12, energy was buzzing throughout the building and spilling out onto the campus. More than 300 students and teachers, plus parents, friends and other family members, were anxious for the games to begin. Students from elementary through high school took part in the alternative fuel competitions, which included solar car races, hydrogen fuel cell vehicle races and a photovoltaic design competition called “Energy Innovations.”

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Is Everyone Seeing Green?

The word "green" no longer just describes a color but has come to represent an energy efficient way of life. Apparently the times are a changin' – more and more people are making their homes green and now the first green-certified Habitat for Humanity (HFH) home in the state is in Indian River County.

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This newsletter has been produced by Kenneth Sheinkopf, Sherri Shields, Adrienne Henzmann, Shannon Ginn and Dianne Wood. All photos were taken by Nick Waters, unless otherwise noted.
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