October 2005

New Hydrogen Pages on FSEC Web Site

Screen capture of Hydrogen section of FSEC's Web site.

If hydrogen is so plentiful, why aren't we using it to power our cars and provide electricity to our homes and businesses now? How do we make hydrogen? Does hydrogen really require those big storage tanks that we see at the Kennedy Space Center? What is the "Hydrogen Economy?" Just how safe is hydrogen to put in our cars?

Answers to these and many other questions can be found in the newly revamped hydrogen pages of the FSEC web site ( www.fsec.ucf.edu and click on "Hydrogen").

A team led by Dr. David Block, the center's Director Emeritus, has completed work on updating the hydrogen pages on the FSEC web site. Other staff members who worked on the development of the pages include Dr. Ali T-Raissi, Director of the Hydrogen R & D Division; Sherri Shields, Coordinator of the Graphics Department, and James Haggard and Dianne Wood, Computer Support Specialists.

Screen capture of Hydrogen's Capabilities & Facilities Web page.

Block says that visitors to the site will find that it is completely different from FSEC's previous online hydrogen information. With its 34 separate sections, the site supplies straightforward answers to questions and concerns such as those listed above. Additionally, its many links to sites with in-depth reports, presentations and publications provide a rigorous examination of the extensive hydrogen research conducted at FSEC. The product of countless hours and re-writes, the site provides visitors an opportunity to learn about hydrogen and its production, storage, delivery, utilization and detection and safety. There are education pages and the hydrogen research database. There is also information on fuel cells and in-depth discussion of these technologies.  

The Florida Solar Energy Center has a long history of hydrogen research and education. Its hydrogen program began in 1983 with funding from NASA/Kennedy Space Center, and in 1997 FSEC was designated a Center of Excellence in Hydrogen Research and Education by the U.S. Department of Energy.

The pages can be accessed at http://www.fsec.ucf.edu/hydrogen or by clicking on the "Hydrogen" button in the menu on the top of the home page at the FSEC web site ( www.fsec.ucf.edu ).