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Geographic distribution of the Florida Phased Deep Retrofit sites.
UCF inducted 29 researchers into its new chapter of the National Academy of Inventors focused on innovation and invention.
Flexible Residential Test Facilities
Side-by-side FRTF buildings at FSEC in Cocoa, Florida.
Infrared Image
Inspection using IR camera shows
elevated wall temperature at floor
cavity area.
Become an accredited FGBC Certifying Agent! Next course offering is Feb 23-24.
Obtain a working knowledge of 2015 International Energy Conservation Code residential compliance methods and reporting and the RESNET Quality Assurance process.
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From Energy Guzzler to Near-Zero Energy Home: Lessons from the Phased Deep Retrofit Project
Monitoring results over a four-year period document phased retrofits applied to a central Florida home with very high electricity consumption, eventually ending in a home with near-zero energy use. Evaluated over a full year, the average household electricity use was reduced through a combination of efficiency measures and photovoltaic power generation by 82%. Results from the case study, and nine other deep retrofits suggest how an effective zero-energy home program can be implemented in otherwise poorly performing existing homes.
Congratulations to UCF Inventors!
The University of Central Florida inducted 29 researchers into its new chapter of the National Academy of Inventors in a gala focused on innovation and invention. Inventors from FSEC, and the number of patents they earned while at UCF, include: Danny Parker (30), Nazim Muradov, Ph.D. (27), Issa Batarseh, Ph.D. (21), and Ali Raissi, Ph.D. (18).
Measured Differences of Ground and Space Temperatures for Side-by-Side Slab-on-Grade Residences With and Without Carpet
FSEC built two identical residential laboratory buildings with 164 embedded slab and ground thermocouples. The paper presents findings for a year's worth of data collection, differences in heating and cooling loads on each home, and images of temperature differences through the matrix of slab measurements.
Effective Floor Cavity and Knee Wall Construction Techniques in Two-Story Homes in Hot Climates
This paper provides new research on measured cooling and heating impacts from floor cavity and knee wall repair. Overall, 56 multistory homes were inspected and had performance tests completed, with 12 monitored for energy savings from floor cavity and some knee wall repairs. This paper describes practical inspection, testing, and dependable construction methods.
EnergyGauge Rater Training
Become an Energy Rater – learn how to be the one called to help verify compliance with Florida’s Energy Code, the Energy Star Homes, green home designations or DOE’s Zero Energy Ready Home program. Course offerings in Apr, Sept and Nov.
Florida Green Home Certification Training
A two-day training offering green building techniques appropriate for Florida homes. Individuals who complete this course and associated exams may become an accredited FGBC Certifying Agent provided they meet the eligibility requirements. Offering on Feb 23-24, Apr 4-5, and Oct 23-24.
Residential Building Air Leakage (Blower Door) Testing
Learn how to perform residential building air leakage tests using a blower door in compliance with 2014 Florida Residential Energy Code. Offering on Feb 23, Mar 16, and Apr 07.
RESNET 3D Practical Simulation Preparation
This is a preparatory class designed for raters to have formal training using the RESNET 3D Practical Simulator. The exam is a mandatory requirement to be completed by July 1, 2017. Offering on Mar 10, Apr 06, May 12, Jun 19 and Jun 20.

2015 IECC and the Energy Rating Index Compliance Option
This course will provide an overview of 2015 residential International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) compliance paths including this new ERI option and what it means for plan review, inspections and permitting. Offering on Apr 10.

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