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Brian Hanson
Brian Hanson was employed at FSEC
since 2000 and will be greatly missed.
Researchers measure performance of
three side-by-side, Texas homes.
Learn how to enter data and become
familiar with EnergyGauge software.
From classroom and hands-on training,
you can become an energy rater.
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In Memory of Brian Hanson
FSEC and the home energy rating industry lost a strong friend and advocate with the passing of Brian Hanson.  Employed with FSEC since 2000, Brian started as the lead programmer for the EnergyGauge USA residential rating software and later was part of the FSEC energy rater training and quality assurance team. Anyone who had the opportunity to meet and work with him will remember his infectious sense of humor that matched his technical knowledge and commitment to the home energy rating industry. Before joining the center, Brian served for ten years in the US Air Force and spent nine years working on the Ground Computer Systems for the Titan program at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Brian will be missed by all.
BA-PIRC Researchers Recongized in Green Builder Magazine
The Summer 2012 Building America Technical Update Meeting brought together panels of Building America experts. Experts responsed to key questions, discussed recommendations, and provided guidance on remodeling and building issues. These recommendations are summarized in the Green Builder Magazine as a series of short articles highlighting the results of the meeting.
Green Builder Magazine
Cost Effectiveness of Home Energy Retrofits in Pre-Code Vintage Homes in the United States
This study investigates the cost effectiveness of a large number of potential home energy retrofit measures using pre-code home archetypes that can be considered typical in a range of climates throughout the United States.
Measured Performance of Occupied, Side-by-Side, South Texas Homes
The goals of this research were to: (1) learn how energy systems affect peak load profiles during the hottest weather conditions; (2) inform the development of builder and homeowner incentive programs that manage demand and energy consumption; and (3) measure cooling energy use to determine savings from envelope and equipment improvements.
From Blueprints to Residential Energy Code Compliance
The course will provide students with detailed instructions and examples of how to go from a set of blueprints to calculating the residential energy code. Offered Febuary 4, and May 13, 2013.
Course Description
EnergyGauge Pro Hands-On Training
Learn how to enter data and obtain Florida Energy Code, Energy Rating and system sizing results with the EnergyGauge USA FlaRes software. Offered Febuary 5, and May 14, 2013.
Course Description
EnergyGauge Rater Training
Become a home energy rater. Courses offered February 6-15, and May 15-24, 2013.
Course Description
Florida Weatherization Training
The five days of classroom and hands-on training allows each student to learn and perform building diagnostics in accordance to DCA Weatherization Program. This includes health & safety concerns, combustion safety, building airtightness, insulation, ventilation concerns, duct system evaluation, and appliance measures. Offered March 11-15, 2013.
Course Description
Florida Green Home Training
A two day training offering green building techniques appropriate for Florida homes. Offered April 24-25, and Aug. 21-22, 2013.
Course Description

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